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Our long consistent presence in the market deepened our supply chain network reaching vast areas developing stable, secure and competitive pricing.


By adapting and continuously upgrading our processing machineries from leading brands, we have been always a step ahead from our competitive in terms of quality and productivity.

 Inventory & Storage:

Our custom ERP software gives us quick, flexible and accurate management to our inventory.

Our stores are periodically fumigated and climate controled.  

Container Dressing:

We have acquired the skills to conduct our in house container dressing according to international standard. 

Laboratory Analysis:

Our facility is equipped with in house laboratory carrying

out all the necessary parameters of the industry.

Inland Transportation & Live Tracking:

We have sub-contracted our cargo delivery to credible and reputable transportation companies insuring fast, safe with live tracking GPS monitoring system.

Forwarding & Documentation:

Time is a critical factor, and with the right highly skilled and professional forwarding agency, we are capable of eliminating short shipments and demurrages to the bear minimum.

Maritime booking and freight negotiation:

Our long and productive history in the export sector granted us excellent and preferable relationships with the major international shipping lines resulting in discounted freight rates and extended free time demurrage for both port off loading and discharge.