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Company profile

We are a family owned Agricultural commodity handling company, our business experience in Nigeria stretch back to 1962 and in the Agro commodity since 1988 .

The management service that we render to our International and domestic clients involves the following exercises:

  1. Funds transfers and currency exchange
  2. Commodity procurement
  3. Commodity processing
  4. Inventory and storage
  5. Inland transit transportation
  6. Forwarding & Documentation
  7. Maritime booking and fright negotiation

Our Technology:

"Everything start with the seeds" Famousa Agro Ltd. gives value of excellent nature of seeds. It cleans and processes the seed through technological manufactured. It sustains its studies for acquiring high quality products.

Famousa Agro Ltd. turn-key facilities having various capacities based on requests of customers.

Storage Facilities and Hand Picking Qualtity:

Also Famousa Agro Ltd. gives value of nature of agreculture Hand picking.